Why a Central Vacuum?

Do you install the system where the hose retracts into the pipe?

Yes we do. The Hide-A-Hose (HAH) is the most popular central vacuum system on the market today. Because of its convenience – the hose storing in the pipe – and lightweight hose, it is perfectly suited for today’s homes that are primarily wood and tile floors. But now because of a battery operated power nozzle (CX 1000) the HAH can now do any of your carpeted rooms very effectively as well. The Turbo Zoom is also does a fine job of most area rugs and carpets and is a less expensive alternative.

Will a central vacuum clean my floors as well as my Dyson or Shark?

Much better than you can imagine and is safer for your hardwood floors too! Every central vacuum system comes with a deluxe barefloor bristle brush. Very few bagless uprights do and even if they can fit on your upright, they are extremely awkward to use. Flip over the nozzle of your upright and look closely at the small or non-existent wheels on bottom. This could very easily scratch the finish on your nice hardwood floors; traditional, bamboo or engineered flooring can all be affected when grit gets between the small wheels or baseplate of your bagless upright nozzle head.

Why have a central vacuum serviced by Central Vacuum Experts?

The installation/service team at CVE has over 16 years’ experience with almost every brand ever installed in the Triangle area. If the part is available, we will be able to get it. We can also tell you if parts are still being made for your particular power unit so you don’t waste your time searching online for unavailable parts.

We a flexible scoping camera. The service camera is for those tough jobs when you can’t figure out why your system is not working correctly. We can send the camera into the pipe looking for possible problems. If the pipe is broken we can determine where and in this case why.

Does the vacuum’s suction depend on how far away from the unit it is?
The motors in a central vacuum are larger and more powerful than portable and canister vacuums for consistently strong suction in all locations. Of course, our trained staff will pick the right size power unit for your home.
Do any of your central vacuums have a wet / dry capability?

Yes! The Cyclovac Wave Wet/Dry system is part of our commercial line. It has an automatic rinse cycle after it reaches maximum capacity or when vacuuming is stopped to eliminate particulate and scum formation. There is no motor in the collection unit itself, it is paired with one to four HD motor heads. This creates a fully automatic, self-cleaning, and self-flushing system has never been so easy and affordable!

Be advised that typically the Wave is not typically installed in residential homes but it can be if wet pick-up is important to you.

Can you install a central vacuum in an existing home?
Yes! Central Vacuum Experts specializes in ‘retrofit’ installations and we are one of the only ones in the Triangle area doing it. Our team of installers has installed central vacuum systems in hundreds of existing homes and businesses. Because each project is unique, we give you a thorough onsite review to let you know where the inlet valves are likely to be placed. We can run piping and install units with virtually no need to do drywall repair. One big advantage of our expertise is the assurance of most effective airflow by proper placement of pipe and the power unit.
Do you sell replacement bags, hoses or parts?

CVE has a large inventory of bags, hoses and attachments plus other parts. A frequent request is for CycloVac or MD Manufacturing bags which can be purchased by calling (919) 968-8227.

How far from Chapel Hill do you install central vacuum systems?
Central Vacuum Experts has installed central vacuum systems throughout North Carolina and even Virginia, however, we specialize in areas within 50 miles of Chapel Hill.

We also travel regularly to the Lake Gaston, Kerr Lake and Clarksville VA area.

What if I already have a maid/cleaning service?
Did you know that dust mite dropping and other dusts are too small for HEPA vacuums to filter? This means that if a cleaning service uses a vacuum that has been in other homes, they are recirculating other people’s dust and odor in your home. It can take over two hours for these particles to settle. By dictating that your cleaning service uses your central vacuum, you’ll have cleaner air, and no dust that settles over time.

Why a Central Vacuum?

Once you clean your home with a central vacuum, you will never want to use a stick or upright vacuum like a Dyson, Shark, or Miele again! All traditional vacuums, even those with HEPA filters, recirculate dust mite droppings, allergens, odors and hot air. These ultra fine particles float around your home for over 2 hours before they settle, causing lingering odor, activating allergies, and requiring you to dust after you vacuum. With a central vacuum, you’re not just cleaning your surfaces and carpet, but also improving your indoor air quality. You will quickly notice that your home will not smell after you vacuum, and you will have to dust less often. This is because central vacuums completely remove contaminants from the home, and do not recirculate or vent air into the home.

Central Vacuums also have over 5x the power of conventional vacuums. This means that no matter how many times you go over an area with an upright vacuum, central vacuums will pull dirt up that other vacuums leave behind. For hard surfaces, CV’s use lightweight wands with soft brushes. This means you are not dragging a heavy wheeled vacuum across your floors, which can scuff and dull wood finishes, and anyone young and old can vacuum!

Do you hate wrestling your vacuum out of a closet? Central vacuum, especially retractable Hide-a-Hose systems are ready to use in seconds. Because of the extra power, it takes fewer passes to clean, cutting your cleaning time significantly. Coupled with the fact that they operate extremely quietly, in the home, they are essential for clean living, and efficient work life balance, all while adding equity to your home!

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