Residential Central Vacuum Installation

New Construction

If you’re building a new home, call us! We can send a quote based off of your plans, and coordinate with your builder to create an amazing system. We’ll help you pick the right configuration for your needs.

It’s important for Hide-a-Hose systems that you have a power unit with sufficient water lift (suction power) and motor cooling. We carry the highest quality brands, with options like hybrid filtration, carbon filtrations, and wireless controls.


Did you know you can add central vacuum systems to almost any home?

The process is not invasive, and most jobs can be completed in one day. We can add Hide-a-Hose, and conventional systems to your home.

Performance is in the details

‘Our installers have been certified by the Vacuum Dealer Trade Association (VDTA) in vacuum dynamics and installation.

There’s a lot of physics in a CV system, so we take the extra time to design systems that maximize suction and performance, and use specialty piping with polished interiors to improve suction and reduce friction.

Build Equity

Central Vacuum is an amazing investment that yields decades of cleaning performance and improved in home air quality, while adding value to your home.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on portable vacuums that fail every few years, what you spend on a central vacuum goes towards equity, not in the trash.

Recent Residential Installations

Click the video & images below to view some recent residential installations

For Builders

We work closely with builders and security companies.
We offer great rough in options for spec homes, and make selection and installation seamless for your project managers.

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