Central Vacuums Installation


Central vacuums are a great feature in any home! Our experienced installers are certified by the Vacuum Dealer Association to ensure your system is designed for the highest suction and minimal maintenance.

Our experts plan and build your central vacuum installations for an existing home, or we can work directly with your builder to plan and install the central vacuum for your new home.

Pricing for central vacuums for your home will vary depending upon the style of home (foundation / crawl space / 2 stories / etc.) and the type of system and features you choose.


Looking to improve your business efficiency with a central vacuum system?

Central Vacuum Experts has been installing units for over 30 years, and we understand the importance of the installation taking minimal time and the system being reliable for years to come.

Our commercial vacuum installers have placed units in retail stores, hair salons, animal hospitals, doctors offices, clean rooms, even large agricultural and manufacturing facilities.

Built to Last

We carry the highest quality brands and ALL of these manufacturers are family owned. This ensures attention to the details throughout the manufacturing process.

We only use virgin PVC pipe with a polished interior for reduced friction, greatly reducing the chance of clogging.

Save Time & Money

A central vacuum system can improve the health and safety of your employees as well as cut cleaning time. By vacuuming up dust and debris instead of sweeping, you don’t create any airborne particles which can inhaled by anyone in the area.

If you’re picking up water with inexpensive wet/dry vacuums from a Big Box store, a Wave commercial pickup system is a dramatic improvement in performance.

Lastly if you’re a professional office such as a dentist or doctor’s office, you may not even be aware that the cleaning service coming in at night are likely using bagless or ‘shake out’ bags. These vacuums are exhausting millions of particles every minute onto the surfaces your patients/clients sit on. NOT so with a central vacuum! All the exhaust air is emitted into a HEPA grade bag where the unit is located or if necessary, outside.

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